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Night sketch by KazeSkyfox
Night sketch
Something I did in around half an hour to test some of the modular brushes for Krita 2.9.11

I used the cloud and foliage ones, they're pretty cheaty but I like them.

Dunno what to do with this. I guess someone can use it as a desktop although it's too long to fit on mine, oops.
Long Tunnel by KazeSkyfox
Long Tunnel
first submitted work made in mypaint 1.2, I wish it were under better circumstances
I'm looking for something I can use other than SAI because I'm sick of it being so unfriendly with my tablet.

The problem is I need a program that:
-doesn't run like shit on my PC (I have a good PC, you'd think this wouldn't be a problem except all the free open-source programs develop for fucking linux first and the win versions get gimped all to hell because either the other things take priority or because windows is a clusterfuck, which it is, but it's still incredibly frustrating)
-doesn't fight unreasonably hard with my tablet, as in, doesn't just arbitrarily stop sensing pressure and make me have to go into tskmngr and shut its processes down manually just to get it to work.

Programs I've tried so far that aren't working:
-MyPaint (the windows version has horrible brush lag and it's been a known issue for months. They apparently traced the reason back to some hardware combos not working well with wacom tablets and I doubt this is getting fixed anytime soon.)
-Krita (again the win version runs horribly with nasty brush lag but this time, nobody can find a reason for it that's newer than january and they're still having trouble finding a commonality)
-gimp (no, just no)
-artweaver (has no blending engine)
-BlackInk (see above)
autodesk sketchbook (see above)
-old mypaint (has no dedicated palette)
-artrage (not very good at being a digital program and even worse at actually emulating the media it's trying to)
-firealpaca (it's a gimped SAI)
-inkfish (haven't used it in a while but it was a very laggy beta when I tried it)
-mischief (see above)

I go pretty far underground to find software but I'm hoping there's someone who digs deeper than me who can help me.

These are my specs, I should be able to run most programs fine:


KazeSkyfox's Profile Picture
Trying to get people interested in my art, and it might be starting to work.

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